We’ve worked with a number of video makers over the years, but were searching for someone who could take our vision—and convey that into a video that evokes emotion. Then we found Tim. Along with his professionalism and outstanding skill set, he brings a unique artistry and gift for storytelling that is unmatched.  We could not have been more pleased with our “Unique Stories” video. We could see its impact on the faces of our Annual Meeting attendees—where we first unveiled it. And the buzz continued, once we posted it on social media.  The “My Unique Story Begins in Gahanna” is an important part of our branding—and a story that needs to be told. These individual stories help us convey to potential visitors and residents what makes Gahanna a unique place to work, live and play.  Tim is a master storyteller and has a deep understanding of the importance of tapping human emotion in order to resonate with viewers. We look forward to working with him on future projects.

Mary Szymkowiak, Communications & Tourism Manager, Gahanna Convention & Visitor Bureau


“I have had a professional relationship with Tim Courlas for over 20 years. He is one of my first calls when needing a topflight Cinematographer, Videographer or Still Photographer. He has enthusiastic creative energy and works well with other crew members and clients. Not only is Tim a trustworthy person and associate, but his photographic skills and experience are head and shoulders above most others in our region. All in all, Tim is a seasoned professional on all fronts. I am looking forward to working with Tim on a more regular basis as he moves into his own business venture.”

 Mark Rigsby, Owner/President, Soul Theater Productions, Inc.


“I have worked alongside Tim for nearly three years. Tim is one of the best Directors of Photography I have had the pleasure to work with, and I look forward to many future productions with Tim. His knowledge and expertise behind the camera is amplified by his natural ability to interact in a friendly, positive manner with clients. I would encourage anyone interested in hiring Tim to contact me for a reference, as it would be my pleasure to recommend Tim as one of the best in the business.”

Phil Weldele, Writer/Producer, The Strategy Group For Media


“Tim has done great work for us for the past several years and I'm thrilled to hear that he is freelancing now. He certainly has our business at Nationwide! We have several projects with our executive leadership and of course the annual compliance meeting! I and my Nationwide team look forward to supporting Tim's business efforts this year and beyond!”

Stephanie Fry, Video Department Director, Nationwide Insurance


"Tim is absolutely fantastic to work with on both film and photography projects.  He brings a fresh perspective to a project and offers creative ideas/twists in order to get the most from photos and video footage.  If we hit a snag during a shoot, Tim offers counsel on how to proceed in a very supportive and helpful manner.  To top it off, he has a great sense of humor which makes working on any project with him extra enjoyable."

Lisa Watkins, Communications Coordinator, Ohio Willow Wood